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    Add Emscripten support to the CMake build. · d46b4d30
    Tom Finegan authored
    Supporting Emscripten requires modification of all uses of the
    target_link_libraries() function to match the form
    of the target_link_libraries() call in Emscripten.cmake.
    The AOM_LIB_LINK_TYPE variable has been added to allow for
    flexibility on the libaom side when using toolchains that
    behave similarly to Emscripten.cmake wrt
    To use CMake for an Emscripten build, first install Emscripten, then:
    $ cmake path/to/aom -DCMAKE_TOOLCHAIN_FILE=path/to/Emscripten.cmake -DAOM_TARGET_CPU=generic
    Change-Id: I22c7df7912ecfdbc2a52180086b205cc8dcfc0c6
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