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    Work around to avoid mismtach on adaptive scan experiment · d58f39d5
    Angie Chiang authored
    1) Turn off SIMD quantizer in adapt_scan experiment because the iscan is
    not 16-byte aligned now.
    2) Turn off eob-specific dqcoeff initialization in
    inverse_transform_block_inter and inverse_transform_block_intra
    3) Turn off transform optimization for special eob because it is not
    compatible with adapt_scan experiment
            PSNR    BDRate
    lowres  1.2%    1.068%
    midres  0.897%  0.769%
    hdres   0.945%  0.724%
    Change-Id: I197c19ba536761c334790a040ef44534c7cf21b5
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