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    Misc. clean ups / refactor of speed 1 · d7338aa8
    Debargha Mukherjee authored
    With this patch, and the speed settings turned on for speed 1,
    the coding efficiency of speed 1 in default configuration should be
    only a little worse than speed 0, but it should roughly run at
    double the speed.
    Specifically, this patch makes various changes to make sure that
    speed 1 behaves exactly the same as speed 0 except for speed settings
    turned on or off in speed_features.c.
    This will change the bitstream generated a little for speeds
    1 or higher because of the following reasons:
    1. Removes a hacky speed setting correction factor in firstpass.c
    2. Fast cdef search is moved from speed 1+ to 2+, and a new speed
    feature is added to control that.
    3. Mesh search settings are pushed down one level so that speeds 0
    and 1 use the same settings.
    4. A disable_split_mask feature for animated content previously
    turned on speeds 1+ is moved down to speeds 2+.
    Change-Id: I0ec36556f157bdc42c5daa0cfb9518cf7ff65f6b
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