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    Add SSSE3 warp filter + const-ify warp filters · d8a423c6
    David Barker authored
    The SSSE3 filter is very similar to the SSE2 filter, but
    the horizontal pass is sped up by using the 8x8->16
    multiplies added in SSSE3.
    Also apply const-correctness to all versions of the filter
    The timings of the existing filters are unchanged, and the
    lowbd SSSE3 filter is ~17% faster than the lowbd SSE2 filter.
    Timings per 8x8 block:
    lowbd SSE2: 320ns
    lowbd SSSE3: 273ns
    highbd SSSE3: 300ns
    Filter output is unchanged.
    Change-Id: Ifb428a33b106d900cde1b080794796c0754ae182
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