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    [loop-restoration, bugfix] Restrict sampling of deblocked pixels · dff901ff
    David Barker authored
    There is a special case with certain frame heights, where we
    end up with a loop restoration stripe which ends 1px above the
    crop border.
    Previously this case was handled in quite an ugly way, which also
    disagrees with the spec (+ isn't great for hardware). This patch
    changes things to match the spec.
    Specifically, the old method was to sometimes upscale one extra
    row of deblocked pixels so that we could always have a 2px
    "below" border for each processing stripe. The new method is to
    only use rows inside the crop border, and to duplicate them if
    Change-Id: Idf8ab510e1091dc3f5b257de60e16bca214d8dc4
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