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    Separate ref frame mvs control from prev_frame_mvs · e17ebe92
    Jingning Han authored
    The control of using reference frame motion vector is a separate
    factor from the existence of previous frame motion vectors. This
    commit decouples these two, such that the encoder can control the
    use of reference motion vector. When it is used, one can further
    identify if the previous frame exists or not, then to decide if
    need to force use_prev_frame_mvs to be zero.
    This solves the issue where the previous frame mvs is set to be
    0 and it accidentally shuts off the access to all other existing
    referece frames mvs in the mfmv system. It brings back the coding
    performance gains to normal.
    Change-Id: I2531f73e55582a9bb5b3e0ff47e361a199ec8082