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    Allow mode search breakout at very low prediction errors · e18edd5e
    Yunqing Wang authored
    In model_rd_for_sb function, the spatial domain SSE and variance
    are checked to see if transform coefficients are quantized to 0.
    Besides that, this patch adds another set of thresholds that are
    much more strict. These thresholds are used to conduct a partition
    block level check to measure if all its TX blocks are skippable
    for YUV planes. If it is true, x->skip is set for this partition
    block, and thus its mode search is terminated.
    This speeds up the encoding at very low prediction error case,
    such as screen sharing application. This patch covers what
    rd_encode_breakout_test() does, so that function is removed.
    Borg test at speed 3 shows:
    For stdhd set, psnr: +0.008%, ssim: +0.014%;
    For derf set, psnr: +0.018%, ssim: +0.025%.
    No noticeable speed change.
    Change-Id: I4e5f15cf10016a282a68e35175ff854b28195944
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