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    Modify block transform skipping check · e4aac6bb
    Yunqing Wang authored
    Block transform skipping was implemented based on DCT's energy
    conservation property. Modified the thresholds using zero bin
    parameters. AC and DC coefficients were checked separately to
    allow better identifying of skippable blocks.
    Borg test at speed 3 showed:
    stdhd set: psnr gain: 0.153%, ssim gain: 0.051%;
    derf set: psnr gain: 0.023%, ssim gain: 0.036%
    For most test clips, the encoding speedup is 1% - 2%.
    parkrun(720p): 7.5% speedup, park_joy(1080p): 3.5% speedup.
    Change-Id: If28eb81113a077414f5ca7b021c14f9069b373bb
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