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    Substantial restructuring of AQ mode 2. · e68c8dcf
    Paul Wilkins authored
    The restructure moves the decision into the rd pick
    modes loop and makes a decision based at the 16x16
    block level instead of only the 64x64 level.
    This gives finer granularity and better visual results
    on the clips I have tested. Metrics results are worse
    than the old AQ2 especially for PSNR and this mode
    now falls between AQ0 and AQ1 in terms of visual
    impact and metrics results.
    Further tuning of this to follow.
    It should be noted that if there are multiple iterations
    of the recode loop the segment for a MB could change
    in each loop if the previous loop causes a change in the
    complexity / variance bin of the block. Also where a block
    gets a delta Q this will alter the rd multiplier for this block
    in subsequent recode iterations and frames where the
    segmentation is applied.
    Change-Id: I20256c125daa14734c16f7cc9aefab656ab808f7
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