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    Add a new experiment SMOOTH_HV. · e6ca8e83
    Urvang Joshi authored
    This experiment extends ALT_INTRA by adding two new modes:
    smooth horizontal and smooth vertical.
    Improvement on *intra frames* in BDRate (PSNR):
    AWCY (high latency): -0.46%
    (Also, -1.0% or more on PSNR Cb,Cr and APSNR Cb,Cr).
    AWCY (low latency): -0.43%
    (Also, -0.88% to -0.94% on PSNR Cb,Cr and APSNR Cb,Cr).
    Google sets:
    lowres: -0.454
    midres: -0.484
    hdres:  -0.525
    Improvement on *video overall* in BDRate (PSNR):
    AWCY (high latency): -0.15%
    Google sets:
    lowres: -0.085
    midres: -0.079
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