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    frame_superres: Add scale to uncompressed header · e7508413
    Fergus Simpson authored
    A bit and a three bit literal have been added to the uncompressed frame
    header for use by the frame superres experiment.
    The bit is true if scaling is to be used, and is immediately followed by
    a three bit literal that encodes the scale to use. If the first bit is
    false, scaling is disabled and the scale factor numerator is set to the
    denominator (ie. 1:1 scaling). No literal follows if scaling is
    The denominator has been defined as a constant 16. The literal is biased
    by a defined constant of 8 - allowing fractions from 1/2 to 15/16
    scaling in steps of 1/16 when scaling is used. Experimentation will be
    needed to discover which of these are useful.
    The bit and literal are immediately after the optional render_width and
    render_height, so that the superres parameters can be written and read
    just after the regular width and height, without interfering with the
    render_size parameters.
    This patch also adds an arbitrary write to make the scale 1:1, so as to
    not trigger any scaling until it's ready.
    Accompanying encode and decode helper functions are added.
    Change-Id: I8caa6247c73f5c7f84ef1fde1e80eb9b20bde0e3
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