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    create super fast rtc mode · ea8aaf15
    Jim Bankoski authored
    This patch only works if the video is a width and height that are both
    a multiple of 32..   It sets every partition to 16x16, and does INTRADC
    only on the first frame and ZEROMV on every other frame.   It always does
    does the largest possible transform, and loop filter level is set to 4.
    Was ~20% faster than speed -5 of vp8
    Now 20% slower but adds motion search ( every block ), nearest, near
    and zeromv
    The SVC test was changed because - while this realtime mode produces
    bad quality albeit quickly, it isn't obeying all the rules it should
    about which frames are available.
    Change-Id: I235c0b22573957986d41497dfb84568ec1dec8c7