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    vp9_ethread: the tile-based multi-threaded encoder · eba9c762
    Yunqing Wang authored
    Currently, VP9 supports column-tile encoding, which allows a frame
    to be encoded in multiple column tiles independently. The number of
    column tiles are set by encoder option "--tile-columns". This
    provides a way to encode a frame in parallel.
    Based on previous set of patches, this patch implemented the tile-
    based multi-threaded encoder. Each thread processes one or more
    For HD clips:
    --tile-columns=2 --threads=1/2/3/4
    While using 4 threads, tests showed that the encoder achieved
    2.3X - 2.5X speedup at good-quality speed 3, and 2X speedup at
    realtime speed 5.
    Change-Id: Ied987f8f2618b1283a8643ad255e88341733c9d4