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    Add a speed feature to give the tighter search range · eca93642
    Pengchong Jin authored
    Add a speed feature to give the tighter partition search
    range. Before partition search, calculate the histogram
    of the partition sizes of the left, above and previous
    co-located blocks of the current block. If the variance of
    observed partition sizes is small enough, adjust the search
    range around the mean partition size, which will be tigher.
    The feature is currently turned on at speed 2. Experiments on
    sample youtube clips show on average the runtime is reduced
    by 3-7%.
    For hard stdhd clips:
    park_joy_1080p @ 15000kbps:       509251 ms -> 491953 ms (3.3%)
    pedestrian_area_1080p @ 2000kbps: 223941 ms -> 214226 ms (4.3%)
    The PSNR performance is changed:
    derf: -0.112%
    yt:   -0.099%
    hd:   -0.090%
    Change-Id: Ie205ec5325bf92ec5676c243e30ba9d0adca10f2
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