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    Correct the misleading codes in encode_inter_mb_segment() · ee0af212
    Yushin Cho authored
    In encode_inter_mb_segment(), when BLOCK_8X4 or BLOCK_4X8 is
    passed, the nested loop inside it iterates always twice.
    (For BLOCK_4X4, loop iterates only once because encode_inter_mb_segment()
    is called for each of 4X4 block.)
    Then, the k for 1st iteration is always zero, and the k for 2nd
    iteration is always (idy * 2 + idx) with either idy == 1 or idx == 1
    depending on the sb_type.
    Using "+=" there could mislead readers expecting that
    the # of iterations is more.
    And probably using simple assignment would be more proper here.
    Change-Id: I7a11255eca13403bc090ba4f0cd4785db9f0e541
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