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    Remove the use of use_lastframe_partitioning at speed 4 · f10d7eed
    Yunqing Wang authored
    The use of use_lastframe_partitioning is totally removed in good-
    quality encoding. Its usage in real-time encoding needs to be
    evaluated to see if it can be removed too.
    The Borg tests at speed 4 showed:
    stdhd set: 0.220% psnr gain, 0.166% ssim gain;
    derf set:  0.329% psnr gain, 0.476% ssim gain.
    Speed test on selected clips showed 1.54% speedup.(Worst case:
    pedestrian_area_1080p25.y4m, speed loss: 1.5%)
    Change-Id: I1c844d329b0b5678558439b887297c1be7ddab00
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