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    ext-inter: Further cleanup · f19f35f7
    David Barker authored
    * Rename the 'masked_compound_*' functions to just 'masked_*'.
      The previous names were intended to be temporary, to distinguish
      the old and new masked motion search pipelines. But now that the
      old pipeline has been removed, we can reuse the old names.
    * Simplify the new ext-inter compound motion search pipeline
      a bit.
    * Harmonize names: Rename
      aom_highbd_masked_compound_sub_pixel_variance* to
      aom_highbd_8_masked_sub_pixel_variance*, to match the naming of
      the corresponding non-masked functions
    Change-Id: I988768ffe2f42a942405b7d8e93a2757a012dca3