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    Compute multiple global motions and pick best by error adv. · f3477635
    emilkeyder@google.com authored
    Modify ransac to keep the N best global motions by num_inliers and
    variance rather than a single one. Compute the error advantage for
    each in encode_frame_internal(), and use the best as the global motion
    for that pair of <target, reference> frames.
    Improvements for different values of N:
    N                     %PSNR gain on lowres
    1 (current impl)      1.287
    2                     1.328
    4                     1.370
    8                     1.419
    16                    1.427
    32                    1.439
    Change-Id: Ic0c9066a3f175a5ea0a78828cd244104e70144ba
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