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    Adds speed 8 to vp9 as reference · f872a98b
    Deb Mukherjee authored
    Adds a speed 8 to VP9 where only the nearestmv (0 mv) is searched.
    This seems to be about the same speed as vp8 speed 5.
    Adds a new speed feature to disable inter modes based on a mask for
    each blocksize.
    Adds code for having lower complexity motion search methods
    in nonrd pick mode function, even though speed 7 still uses DIAMOND
    search for now.
    Also uses HEX search for speed 6 rather than FAST_HEX which improves
    psnr by 0.56% without any noticeable speed drop (tested on gipsmotion).
    Change-Id: Ic13176572dbd3aed5884a26786940a4b1bbd8a75