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    Remove reference frame buffer update for show_exsiting_frame · f9e38a7b
    Wei-ting Lin authored
    Originally we need to send the refresh flag and the virtual indices
    mapping for the reference frame buffer update for show_existing_frame to
    have the BWDREF_FRAME replace the LAST_FRAME.
    To remove sending this information, we update the the virtual indices
    of the reference frame buffer after the last_bipred_frame is encoded,
    and therefore the decoder will receive the updated reference mapping
    at the next non-show-existing frame.
    As a result, we can save 4 bytes per show-existing frame, and get 0.12,
    0.2, and 0.07 BDRATE improvement in lowres, derf, and midref test set
    Change-Id: I63d41ee6ea99884798f0778b789d2701e2f2d3e0
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