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    Changes to active maxq calculation in two pass. · faf8c63b
    Paul Wilkins authored
    Some initial experiments into discounting dead zone
    formating bars and intra skip blocks (common in some
    types of animation and graphics) in the calculation of
    the active max Q for each ARF/GF group.
    TODO: check for vertical formating bars and validate the
    horizontal bar at the bottom edge of the image.
    As expected, this change as it stands, does not make much
    difference for the natural videos in the std-hd and derf sets.
    However, for the yt and yt hd set there is a significant rise
    in the average PSNR with overall PSNR and SSIM remaining
    The mean rise for the YT-HD test set was > 6%. This is mainly
    because the change allows Q to drop further on titles and
    other graphics sections where spending a small number of
    extra bits gives a sharp rise in PSNR.
    Change-Id: I3f878ae91fc1854312d7ecf9fa792c17bc1aa6b7