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    Re-design rate-distortion cost tracking buffers · fc19243c
    Jingning Han authored
    This commit re-designs the per transformed block rate-distortion
    costs tracking buffers. It removes redundant buffer usage, makes
    the needed context memory allocation per VP9_COMP instance and
    reuses the same buffer sets inside the rate-distortion optimization
    search loop, thereby avoiding repeatedly requiring memory space.
    It reduces speed 0 runtime:
    bus at 2000 kbps from 166763ms to 158967ms,
    football at 600 kbps from 246614ms to 234257ms.
    Both about 5% speed-up. Local tests suggest about 2% to 5% speed-up
    for speed 1 and 2 settings. This does not change compression
    Change-Id: I363514c5276b5cf9a38c7251088ffc6ab7f9a4c3