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    scaling: Avoid SSSE3 convolution instructions when scaling · fc59389f
    Fergus Simpson authored
    The SSE3 convolve functions do not work when scaling is involved. If
    either x_step_q4 or y_step_q4 is not 16 scaling will occur and an assert
    This patch creates a C version of av1_convolve, av1_convolve_c. This
    function in turn calls all C versions of what av1_convolve calls. New C
    versions of these called functions have been created where needed and
    the same for the functions they call. This means that when scaling is
    enabled no asserts fail. av1_convolve_c is called instead of
    av1_convolve when x_step_q4 or y_step_q4 is not 16.
    Change-Id: I604d2716e034e23a0553fb7004133d3075514a7a
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