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    Replacing the 8x8 DCT with 8x8 ADST/DCT for I8x8 · fcbff9ee
    Jingning Han authored
    Fixed the code review comments.
    Under the htrans8x8 experiment the 8X8 DCT in the
    I8X8 mode is replaced with a combination of 8X8 ADST and
    Overall coding gains with the htrans8x8 experiment are:
    derf:   0.486
    std-hd: 1.040
    hd:     1.063
    yt:     0.506
    Note that part of the gain comes from bigger transforms
    (8x8 instead of 4x4) and part comes from replacing the DCT
    wth the ADST.
    Change-Id: I92ca6bbfce11b4165d612b81d9adfad4d010c775