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    Define block_signals_txsize function · fcff0b25
    Rupert Swarbrick authored
    This returns true if a block signals tx_size in the stream and uses it
    in the bitstream writing code and the decoder.
    Note that we can't quite use it in pack_inter_mode_mvs when
    CONFIG_VAR_TX && !CONFIG_RECT_TX but I've switched the code to using
    it the rest of the time since rect-tx is adopted and eventually the
    other code path should be deleted.
    Also use the helper function in tx_size_cost in rdopt.c, where the
    test was wrong and caused underestimates of block
    costs. (Specifically, the code that subtracts tx_size_cost from
    this_rate_tokenonly in rd_pick_intra_sby_mode ended up subtracting
    zero for a 4x8 block).
    The behaviour of the decoder should be unchanged. The only change in
    the encoder's behaviour should be in tx_size_cost where it should now
    match the rest of the code.
    Change-Id: I97236c9ce444993afe01ac5c6f4a0bb9e5049217
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