Commit 00fdb135 authored by Fritz Koenig's avatar Fritz Koenig
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vpxenc: remove duplicate --fps from vpxenc usage message

Fixes issue #323

Change-Id: I41c297df37afe186a8425ed2e2a95032069dcb9a
parent 4226f0ce
...@@ -914,7 +914,7 @@ static const arg_def_t *main_args[] = ...@@ -914,7 +914,7 @@ static const arg_def_t *main_args[] =
&debugmode, &debugmode,
&outputfile, &codecarg, &passes, &pass_arg, &fpf_name, &limit, &deadline, &outputfile, &codecarg, &passes, &pass_arg, &fpf_name, &limit, &deadline,
&best_dl, &good_dl, &rt_dl, &best_dl, &good_dl, &rt_dl,
&verbosearg, &psnrarg, &use_ivf, &framerate, &verbosearg, &psnrarg, &use_ivf,
}; };
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