Commit 03dd2818 authored by Paul Wilkins's avatar Paul Wilkins
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Missing threshold case for disable split.

In relation to change:
Refactor inter mode rate-distortion search

sf->thresh_mult_sub8x8[THR_INTRA] = INT_MAX missing;

Change-Id: Ia86b68a5073368a3e2ca124a27b632243b525c8b
parent d975804e
......@@ -701,6 +701,7 @@ static void set_rd_speed_thresholds_sub8x8(VP9_COMP *cpi, int mode) {
sf->thresh_mult_sub8x8[THR_ALTR] = INT_MAX;
sf->thresh_mult_sub8x8[THR_COMP_LA] = INT_MAX;
sf->thresh_mult_sub8x8[THR_COMP_GA] = INT_MAX;
sf->thresh_mult_sub8x8[THR_INTRA] = INT_MAX;
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