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Update CHANGELOG for v0.9.6 (Bali) release

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2011-03-07 v0.9.6 "Bali"
Our second named release, focused on a faster, higher quality, encoder.
- Upgrading:
This release is backwards compatible with Aylesbury (v0.9.5). Users
of older releases should refer to the Upgrading notes in this
document for that release.
- Enhancements:
vpxenc --psnr shows a summary when encode completes
--tune=ssim option to enable activity masking
improved postproc visualizations for development
updated support for Apple iOS to SDK 4.2
query decoder to determine which reference frames were updated
implemented error tracking in the decoder
fix pipe support on windows
- Speed:
Primary focus was on good quality mode, speed 0. Average improvement
on x86 about 40%, up to 100% on user-generated content at that speed.
Best quality mode speed improved 35%, and realtime speed 10-20%. This
release also saw significant improvement in realtime encoding speed
on ARM platforms.
Improved encoder threading
Dont pick encoder filter level when loopfilter is disabled.
Avoid double copying of key frames into alt and golden buffer
FDCT optimizations.
x86 sse2 temporal filter
SSSE3 version of fast quantizer
vp8_rd_pick_best_mbsegmentation code restructure
Adjusted breakout RD for SPLITMV
Changed segmentation check order
Improved rd_pick_intra4x4block
Adds armv6 optimized variance calculation
ARMv6 optimized sad16x16
ARMv6 optimized half pixel variance calculations
Full search SAD function optimization in SSE4.1
Improve MV prediction accuracy to achieve performance gain
Improve MV prediction in vp8_pick_inter_mode() for speed>3
- Quality:
Best quality mode improved PSNR 6.3%, and SSIM 6.1%. This release
also includes support for "activity masking," which greatly improves
SSIM at the expense of PSNR. For now, this feature is available with
the --tune=ssim option. Further experimentation in this area
is ongoing. This release also introduces a new rate control mode
called "CQ," which changes the allocation of bits within a clip to
the sections where they will have the most visual impact.
Tuning for the more exact quantizer.
Relax rate control for last few frames
CQ Mode
Limit key frame quantizer for forced key frames.
KF/GF Pulsing
Add simple version of activity masking.
make rdmult adaptive for intra in quantizer RDO
cap the best quantizer for 2nd order DC
change the threshold of DC check for encode breakout
- Bug Fixes:
Fix crash on Sparc Solaris.
Fix counter of fixed keyframe distance
ARNR filter pointer update bug fix
Fixed use of motion percentage in KF/GF group calc
Changed condition for using RD in Intra Mode
Fix encoder real-time only configuration.
Fix ARM encoder crash with multiple token partitions
Fixed bug first cluster timecode of webm file is wrong.
Fixed various encoder bugs with odd-sized images
vp8e_get_preview fixed when spatial resampling enabled
quantizer: fix assertion in fast quantizer path
Allocate source buffers to be multiples of 16
Fix for manual Golden frame frequency
Fix drastic undershoot in long form content
2010-10-28 v0.9.5 "Aylesbury"
Our first named release, focused on a faster decoder, and a better encoder.
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