Commit 04ed7ad5 authored by Pascal Massimino's avatar Pascal Massimino
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fix uint32_t <-> size_t mismatch in tests

Change-Id: Ifde4d57957219560e01ebd1657f1c0721f041054
parent f7a86585
......@@ -93,16 +93,16 @@ class BlendA64Mask1DTest : public FunctionEquivalenceTest<F> {
T dst_ref_[kBufSize];
T dst_tst_[kBufSize];
size_t dst_stride_;
size_t dst_offset_;
uint32_t dst_stride_;
uint32_t dst_offset_;
T src0_[kBufSize];
size_t src0_stride_;
size_t src0_offset_;
uint32_t src0_stride_;
uint32_t src0_offset_;
T src1_[kBufSize];
size_t src1_stride_;
size_t src1_offset_;
uint32_t src1_stride_;
uint32_t src1_offset_;
uint8_t mask_[kMaxMaskSize];
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