Commit 0684c647 authored by John Koleszar's avatar John Koleszar
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cosmetic: remove alt_ref from vpxenc usage message

Undo an automatic transform.

Change-Id: Ie730a6a31b4680b34e54b61691d67c4b3ed2f2aa
parent 6614563b
......@@ -978,11 +978,11 @@ static const arg_def_t token_parts = ARG_DEF(NULL, "token-parts", 1,
static const arg_def_t auto_altref = ARG_DEF(NULL, "auto-alt-ref", 1,
"Enable automatic alt reference frames");
static const arg_def_t arnr_maxframes = ARG_DEF(NULL, "arnr-maxframes", 1,
"alt_ref Max Frames");
"AltRef Max Frames");
static const arg_def_t arnr_strength = ARG_DEF(NULL, "arnr-strength", 1,
"alt_ref Strength");
"AltRef Strength");
static const arg_def_t arnr_type = ARG_DEF(NULL, "arnr-type", 1,
"alt_ref Type");
"AltRef Type");
static const arg_def_t *vp8_args[] =
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