Commit 09ebbfb3 authored by Thomas Davies's avatar Thomas Davies Committed by Yaowu Xu
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EC_ADAPT: send updates for the correct nodes.

EOB and ZERO token are not currently adapted.

Change-Id: Ie7d657b71fcb157b09e40874fb06a8b7cd95cc70
parent aca9feba
......@@ -1916,7 +1916,7 @@ static void read_coef_probs_common(av1_coeff_probs_model *coef_probs,
aom_reader *r) {
int i, j, k, l, m;
const int node_limit = ONE_TOKEN;
const int node_limit = UNCONSTRAINED_NODES - 1;
const int node_limit = UNCONSTRAINED_NODES;
......@@ -2206,7 +2206,7 @@ static void update_coef_probs_common(aom_writer *const bc, AV1_COMP *cpi,
av1_coeff_probs_model *old_coef_probs = cpi->common.fc->coef_probs[tx_size];
const aom_prob upd = DIFF_UPDATE_PROB;
const int entropy_nodes_update = ONE_TOKEN;
const int entropy_nodes_update = UNCONSTRAINED_NODES - 1;
const int entropy_nodes_update = UNCONSTRAINED_NODES;
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