Commit 0ae42ee1 authored by Scott LaVarnway's avatar Scott LaVarnway

VP9: Pass NULL scale_factors ptr when not scaling

to vp9_setup_pre_planes(), preventing the function
unscaled_value() from being called.  unscaled_value()
returns the same value that was passed in.  See
scaled_buffer_offset() in vp9_reconinter.h.

Change-Id: I2a6fbaf07972c2f212834929d29a2cbe72e399c3
parent ad08e087
...@@ -737,7 +737,8 @@ static void dec_build_inter_predictors_sb(VP9Decoder *const pbi, ...@@ -737,7 +737,8 @@ static void dec_build_inter_predictors_sb(VP9Decoder *const pbi,
"Reference frame has invalid dimensions"); "Reference frame has invalid dimensions");
is_scaled = vp9_is_scaled(sf); is_scaled = vp9_is_scaled(sf);
vp9_setup_pre_planes(xd, ref, ref_buf->buf, mi_row, mi_col, sf); vp9_setup_pre_planes(xd, ref, ref_buf->buf, mi_row, mi_col,
is_scaled ? sf : NULL);
xd->block_refs[ref] = ref_buf; xd->block_refs[ref] = ref_buf;
if (sb_type < BLOCK_8X8) { if (sb_type < BLOCK_8X8) {
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