Commit 0b7910b9 authored by Jingning Han's avatar Jingning Han Committed by Gerrit Code Review
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Merge "Enable sse2 version of sad8x4/4x8"

parents 1dfc717b 15f50e7b
......@@ -308,6 +308,8 @@ const sad_m_by_n_fn_t sad_16x16_c_vp9 = vp9_sad16x16_c;
const sad_m_by_n_fn_t sad_8x16_c_vp9 = vp9_sad8x16_c;
const sad_m_by_n_fn_t sad_16x8_c_vp9 = vp9_sad16x8_c;
const sad_m_by_n_fn_t sad_8x8_c_vp9 = vp9_sad8x8_c;
const sad_m_by_n_fn_t sad_8x4_c_vp9 = vp9_sad8x4_c;
const sad_m_by_n_fn_t sad_4x8_c_vp9 = vp9_sad4x8_c;
const sad_m_by_n_fn_t sad_4x4_c_vp9 = vp9_sad4x4_c;
const sad_m_by_n_test_param_t c_tests[] = {
......@@ -325,6 +327,8 @@ const sad_m_by_n_test_param_t c_tests[] = {
make_tuple(8, 16, sad_8x16_c_vp9),
make_tuple(16, 8, sad_16x8_c_vp9),
make_tuple(8, 8, sad_8x8_c_vp9),
make_tuple(8, 4, sad_8x4_c_vp9),
make_tuple(4, 8, sad_4x8_c_vp9),
make_tuple(4, 4, sad_4x4_c_vp9),
......@@ -420,8 +424,10 @@ INSTANTIATE_TEST_CASE_P(MMX, SADTest, ::testing::ValuesIn(mmx_tests));
const sad_m_by_n_fn_t sad_4x4_sse_vp9 = vp9_sad4x4_sse;
const sad_m_by_n_fn_t sad_4x8_sse_vp9 = vp9_sad4x8_sse;
INSTANTIATE_TEST_CASE_P(SSE, SADTest, ::testing::Values(
make_tuple(4, 4, sad_4x4_sse_vp9)));
make_tuple(4, 4, sad_4x4_sse_vp9),
make_tuple(4, 8, sad_4x8_sse_vp9)));
const sad_n_by_n_by_4_fn_t sad_4x8x4d_sse = vp9_sad4x8x4d_sse;
const sad_n_by_n_by_4_fn_t sad_4x4x4d_sse = vp9_sad4x4x4d_sse;
......@@ -446,6 +452,7 @@ const sad_m_by_n_fn_t sad_16x16_sse2_vp9 = vp9_sad16x16_sse2;
const sad_m_by_n_fn_t sad_8x16_sse2_vp9 = vp9_sad8x16_sse2;
const sad_m_by_n_fn_t sad_16x8_sse2_vp9 = vp9_sad16x8_sse2;
const sad_m_by_n_fn_t sad_8x8_sse2_vp9 = vp9_sad8x8_sse2;
const sad_m_by_n_fn_t sad_8x4_sse2_vp9 = vp9_sad8x4_sse2;
const sad_m_by_n_test_param_t sse2_tests[] = {
......@@ -462,6 +469,7 @@ const sad_m_by_n_test_param_t sse2_tests[] = {
make_tuple(8, 16, sad_8x16_sse2_vp9),
make_tuple(16, 8, sad_16x8_sse2_vp9),
make_tuple(8, 8, sad_8x8_sse2_vp9),
make_tuple(8, 4, sad_8x4_sse2_vp9),
INSTANTIATE_TEST_CASE_P(SSE2, SADTest, ::testing::ValuesIn(sse2_tests));
......@@ -381,10 +381,10 @@ specialize vp9_sad8x8 mmx sse2
# TODO(jingning): need to covert these functions into mmx/sse2 form
prototype unsigned int vp9_sad8x4 "const uint8_t *src_ptr, int source_stride, const uint8_t *ref_ptr, int ref_stride, unsigned int max_sad"
specialize vp9_sad8x4
specialize vp9_sad8x4 sse2
prototype unsigned int vp9_sad4x8 "const uint8_t *src_ptr, int source_stride, const uint8_t *ref_ptr, int ref_stride, unsigned int max_sad"
specialize vp9_sad4x8
specialize vp9_sad4x8 sse
prototype unsigned int vp9_sad4x4 "const uint8_t *src_ptr, int source_stride, const uint8_t *ref_ptr, int ref_stride, unsigned int max_sad"
specialize vp9_sad4x4 mmx sse
......@@ -166,29 +166,46 @@ cglobal sad8x%1, 4, 7, 5, src, src_stride, ref, ref_stride, \
SAD8XN 16 ; sad8x16_sse2
SAD8XN 8 ; sad8x8_sse2
SAD8XN 4 ; sad8x4_sse2
; unsigned int vp9_sad4x4_sse(uint8_t *src, int src_stride,
; uint8_t *ref, int ref_stride);
cglobal sad4x4, 4, 4, 8, src, src_stride, ref, ref_stride
; unsigned int vp9_sad4x{4, 8}_sse(uint8_t *src, int src_stride,
; uint8_t *ref, int ref_stride);
%macro SAD4XN 1
cglobal sad4x%1, 4, 7, 7, src, src_stride, ref, ref_stride, \
src_stride3, ref_stride3, n_rows
movsxdifnidn src_strideq, src_strided
movsxdifnidn ref_strideq, ref_strided
movd m0, [refq]
movd m1, [refq+ref_strideq]
lea src_stride3q, [src_strideq*3]
lea ref_stride3q, [ref_strideq*3]
mov n_rowsd, %1/4
pxor m0, m0
movd m1, [refq]
movd m2, [refq+ref_strideq]
movd m3, [refq+ref_strideq*2]
movd m4, [refq+ref_stride3q]
punpckldq m1, m2
punpckldq m3, m4
movd m2, [srcq]
movd m3, [srcq+src_strideq]
lea refq, [refq+ref_strideq*2]
lea srcq, [srcq+src_strideq*2]
movd m4, [refq]
movd m5, [refq+ref_strideq]
movd m6, [srcq]
movd m7, [srcq+src_strideq]
punpckldq m0, m1
punpckldq m2, m3
punpckldq m4, m5
punpckldq m6, m7
psadbw m0, m2
psadbw m4, m6
paddd m0, m4
movd m5, [srcq+src_strideq]
movd m4, [srcq+src_strideq*2]
movd m6, [srcq+src_stride3q]
punpckldq m2, m5
punpckldq m4, m6
psadbw m1, m2
psadbw m3, m4
lea refq, [refq+ref_strideq*4]
paddd m0, m1
lea srcq, [srcq+src_strideq*4]
paddd m0, m3
dec n_rowsd
jg .loop
movd eax, m0
SAD4XN 8 ; sad4x8_sse
SAD4XN 4 ; sad4x4_sse
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