Commit 0bf36900 authored by RogerZhou's avatar RogerZhou Committed by Roger Zhou

Writing AMVR info into OBU header

Change-Id: I2fbf8f0b44c48719e597a98c118ec38b3347071a
parent 8c576368
......@@ -4022,11 +4022,16 @@ static void write_uncompressed_header_obu(AV1_COMP *cpi,
if (cm->seq_force_integer_mv == 2) {
aom_wb_write_bit(wb, cm->cur_frame_force_integer_mv == 0);
aom_wb_write_bit(wb, cm->cur_frame_force_integer_mv);
if (cm->cur_frame_force_integer_mv) {
cm->allow_high_precision_mv = 0;
} else {
aom_wb_write_bit(wb, cm->allow_high_precision_mv);
aom_wb_write_bit(wb, cm->allow_high_precision_mv);
fix_interp_filter(cm, cpi->td.counts);
write_frame_interp_filter(cm->interp_filter, wb);
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