Commit 0c60db7d authored by Marco's avatar Marco

vp9: Fix to quality regression issue for 1 pass.


Issue introduced in
The factor on avg_frame_qindex[INTER_FRAME] in that CL, used for q-basis to
set active_best, can cause the QP to decrease too slowly or get stuck
in some cases when max-q=63.

Removing that factor fixes the regression in issue#1217.

Change-Id: I97fe28dca3c2bc2d852b1775f39c62164e032d4f
parent ccf4f47b
......@@ -953,11 +953,10 @@ static int rc_pick_q_and_bounds_one_pass_vbr(const VP9_COMP *cpi,
FIXED_GF_INTERVAL], cm->bit_depth);
active_best_quality = VPXMAX(qindex + delta_qindex, rc->best_quality);
} else {
// Use the min of the average Q (with some increase) and
// active_worst_quality as basis for active_best.
// Use the min of the average Q and active_worst_quality as basis for
// active_best.
if (cm->current_video_frame > 1) {
q = VPXMIN(((17 * rc->avg_frame_qindex[INTER_FRAME]) >> 4),
q = VPXMIN(rc->avg_frame_qindex[INTER_FRAME], active_worst_quality);
active_best_quality = inter_minq[q];
} else {
active_best_quality = inter_minq[rc->avg_frame_qindex[KEY_FRAME]];
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