Commit 0f560c89 authored by Rupert Swarbrick's avatar Rupert Swarbrick
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Remove optimization from av1_loop_restoration_filter_frame

This is done at the two call sites (where it's needed to avoid saving
lines unnecessarily for striped loop restoration context), so there's
no need to repeat it here.

Change-Id: I11e1ed5f50711fe1b4e8cb2101d3bfb4d16cda57
parent 25c57d2b
......@@ -1363,12 +1363,6 @@ void av1_loop_restoration_filter_frame(YV12_BUFFER_CONFIG *frame,
static const copy_fun copy_funs[3] = { aom_yv12_copy_y, aom_yv12_copy_u,
aom_yv12_copy_v };
if (rsi[0].frame_restoration_type == RESTORE_NONE &&
rsi[1].frame_restoration_type == RESTORE_NONE &&
rsi[2].frame_restoration_type == RESTORE_NONE) {
memset(&dst, 0, sizeof(dst));
const int frame_width = frame->crop_widths[0];
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