Commit 0fa76870 authored by Paul Wilkins's avatar Paul Wilkins
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Use of inline instead of INLINE.

This causes a build failure in VS 2008.

Change-Id: I03b0c0c006589b56d92a238d7b794711eb62575e
parent 7c6337ba
......@@ -152,7 +152,7 @@ static BLOCK_SIZE get_nonrd_var_based_fixed_partition(VP9_COMP *cpi,
// Lighter version of set_offsets that only sets the mode info
// pointers.
static inline void set_modeinfo_offsets(VP9_COMMON *const cm,
static INLINE void set_modeinfo_offsets(VP9_COMMON *const cm,
MACROBLOCKD *const xd,
int mi_row,
int mi_col) {
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