Commit 10921403 authored by Yunqing Wang's avatar Yunqing Wang
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No longer use use_lastframe_partitioning speed feature

The speedup in rd_pick_partition() function makes it possible
to drop use_lastframe_partitioning feature. By doing that, we
achieve good PSNR gain with small speed loss. Also, this makes
encoding loop less complicated. The code cleanup patch will

Borg tests showed:
1. At speed 2,
   stdhd set: 0.201% PSNR gain, 0.133% SSIM gain;
   derf set:  0.262% PSNR gain, 0.276% SSIM gain.
2. At speed 3,
   stdhd set: 0.139% PSNR gain, 0.109% SSIM gain;
   derf set:  0.447% PSNR gain, 0.442% SSIM gain.

The average speed loss over selected test clips is within 1%
with the worst case of 4%.

Change-Id: Icfd2ded7869372b585a6972855d933b3d0280d90
parent ebac8f34
......@@ -123,7 +123,6 @@ static void set_good_speed_feature(VP9_COMP *cpi, VP9_COMMON *cm,
sf->disable_filter_search_var_thresh = 100;
sf->comp_inter_joint_search_thresh = BLOCK_SIZES;
sf->auto_min_max_partition_size = CONSTRAIN_NEIGHBORING_MIN_MAX;
sf->use_lastframe_partitioning = LAST_FRAME_PARTITION_LOW_MOTION;
sf->adjust_partitioning_from_last_frame = 1;
if (MIN(cm->width, cm->height) >= 720)
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