Commit 139577f9 authored by Yunqing Wang's avatar Yunqing Wang
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Fix unnecessary casting of B_PREDICTION_MODE (issue 349)

Minor fix.

Change-Id: Iaf93f6e47e882a33c479e57c7a0d0bf321e291c0
parent 587ca06d
......@@ -180,11 +180,11 @@ static MB_PREDICTION_MODE read_mv_ref(vp8_reader *bc, const vp8_prob *p)
static MB_PREDICTION_MODE sub_mv_ref(vp8_reader *bc, const vp8_prob *p)
static B_PREDICTION_MODE sub_mv_ref(vp8_reader *bc, const vp8_prob *p)
const int i = vp8_treed_read(bc, vp8_sub_mv_ref_tree, p);
......@@ -334,7 +334,7 @@ static void read_mb_modes_mv(VP8D_COMP *pbi, MODE_INFO *mi, MB_MODE_INFO *mbmi,
abovemv.as_int = above_block_mv(mi, k, mis);
mv_contz = vp8_mv_cont(&leftmv, &abovemv);
switch ((B_PREDICTION_MODE) sub_mv_ref(bc, vp8_sub_mv_ref_prob2 [mv_contz])) /*pc->fc.sub_mv_ref_prob))*/
switch (sub_mv_ref(bc, vp8_sub_mv_ref_prob2 [mv_contz])) /*pc->fc.sub_mv_ref_prob))*/
case NEW4X4:
read_mv(bc, &blockmv.as_mv, (const MV_CONTEXT *) mvc);
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