Commit 15f0bf47 authored by hui su's avatar hui su
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Fix a bug in vp10_pattern_search()

Should use sub-pel MV instead of full-pixel MV as input parameter
to calc_int_cost_list().

Change-Id: I054d94220a090ca54c8d24df265193ee345cd439
parent 2003cd80
......@@ -937,7 +937,7 @@ static INLINE int is_mv_in(const MACROBLOCK *x, const MV *mv) {
// Calculate and return a sad+mvcost list around an integer best pel.
static INLINE void calc_int_cost_list(const MACROBLOCK *x,
const MV *ref_mv,
const MV *const ref_mv,
int sadpb,
const vp10_variance_fn_ptr_t *fn_ptr,
const MV *best_mv,
......@@ -946,8 +946,8 @@ static INLINE void calc_int_cost_list(const MACROBLOCK *x,
const struct buf_2d *const what = &x->plane[0].src;
const struct buf_2d *const in_what = &x->e_mbd.plane[0].pre[0];
const MV fcenter_mv = {ref_mv->row >> 3, ref_mv->col >> 3};
int br = best_mv->row;
int bc = best_mv->col;
const int br = best_mv->row;
const int bc = best_mv->col;
MV this_mv;
int i;
unsigned int sse;
......@@ -1155,7 +1155,7 @@ static int vp10_pattern_search(const MACROBLOCK *x,
// cost_list[4]: cost at delta {-1, 0} (top) from the best integer pel
if (cost_list) {
const MV best_mv = { br, bc };
calc_int_cost_list(x, &fcenter_mv, sad_per_bit, vfp, &best_mv, cost_list);
calc_int_cost_list(x, center_mv, sad_per_bit, vfp, &best_mv, cost_list);
best_mv->row = br;
best_mv->col = bc;
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