Commit 1699d6bd authored by Deb Mukherjee's avatar Deb Mukherjee
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Minor fix on an assert

Fixes assert that fails occasionally on small values of
max-key frame intervals. Also, adds a small change on
updating frames_to_key for frame drops.

Change-Id: Icc2b33b25e3e4ced7e49f8db73e0a887ef9c99e0
parent dd31f2e4
......@@ -3420,7 +3420,7 @@ int vp9_get_compressed_data(VP9_PTR ptr, unsigned int *frame_flags,
frames_to_arf = cpi->rc.frames_till_gf_update_due;
assert(frames_to_arf < cpi->rc.frames_to_key);
assert(frames_to_arf <= cpi->rc.frames_to_key);
if ((cpi->source = vp9_lookahead_peek(cpi->lookahead, frames_to_arf))) {
......@@ -965,5 +965,5 @@ void vp9_rc_postencode_update(VP9_COMP *cpi, uint64_t bytes_used) {
void vp9_rc_postencode_update_drop_frame(VP9_COMP *cpi) {
// cpi->rc.frames_to_key--;
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