Commit 17a61d4e authored by Rupert Swarbrick's avatar Rupert Swarbrick Committed by Sarah Parker

Correct apparent typo in fix for bug 693

Patch 323d535d fixes the reported bug but doesn't correctly read a
global transformation of type TRANSLATION or AFFINE. Fortunately,
clang gives a warning about the ignored expression.

Change-Id: I1127d5d5b809bf016872a3ba97903599869d5357
parent ac889707
......@@ -4757,7 +4757,7 @@ static void read_global_motion_params(WarpedMotionParams *params,
if (aom_read_bit(r, ACCT_STR))
type = ROTZOOM;
aom_read_bit(r, ACCT_STR) ? TRANSLATION : AFFINE;
type = aom_read_bit(r, ACCT_STR) ? TRANSLATION : AFFINE;
#endif // GLOBAL_TRANS_TYPES > 4
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