Commit 1876a84c authored by Cheng Chen's avatar Cheng Chen
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Fix a bug introduce in refactoring av1_quantize_fp


Change-Id: I0b41e0781d0b89b96ee1bebc98aebbcd3e6f8753
parent 231fe424
......@@ -454,10 +454,6 @@ static void quantize_fp_helper_c(
const qm_val_t *qm_ptr = qparam->qmatrix;
const qm_val_t *iqm_ptr = qparam->iqmatrix;
#endif // CONFIG_AOM_QM
memset(qcoeff_ptr, 0, n_coeffs * sizeof(*qcoeff_ptr));
memset(dqcoeff_ptr, 0, n_coeffs * sizeof(*dqcoeff_ptr));
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