Commit 1ab57800 authored by Yue Chen's avatar Yue Chen

Move warping model estimation functions to COMMON folder

These functions will be called by both enc and dec in WARPED_MOTION

Change-Id: I4b4a20af111b30822760aee8c9451e9ccbb2dd05
parent 6c6ddac3
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......@@ -22,6 +22,8 @@
#include "aom_dsp/aom_dsp_common.h"
#include "av1/common/mv.h"
#define MAX_PARAMDIM 9
typedef void (*ProjectPointsFunc)(int16_t *mat, int *points, int *proj,
const int n, const int stride_points,
const int stride_proj,
......@@ -67,4 +69,9 @@ void av1_warp_plane(WarpedMotionParams *wm,
// Integerize model into the WarpedMotionParams structure
void av1_integerize_model(const double *model, TransformationType wmtype,
WarpedMotionParams *wm);
int find_translation(const int np, double *pts1, double *pts2, double *mat);
int find_rotzoom(const int np, double *pts1, double *pts2, double *mat);
int find_affine(const int np, double *pts1, double *pts2, double *mat);
int find_homography(const int np, double *pts1, double *pts2, double *mat);
This diff is collapsed.
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