Commit 1c39998e authored by Frank Galligan's avatar Frank Galligan
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Add vp9_int_pro_col_neon.


Change-Id: I212a1d67b23ce3b5ce08800de369b25b9e375e7d
parent fa94dbda
......@@ -291,6 +291,12 @@ INSTANTIATE_TEST_CASE_P(
make_tuple(16, &vp9_int_pro_row_neon, &vp9_int_pro_row_c),
make_tuple(32, &vp9_int_pro_row_neon, &vp9_int_pro_row_c),
make_tuple(64, &vp9_int_pro_row_neon, &vp9_int_pro_row_c)));
NEON, IntProColTest, ::testing::Values(
make_tuple(16, &vp9_int_pro_col_neon, &vp9_int_pro_col_c),
make_tuple(32, &vp9_int_pro_col_neon, &vp9_int_pro_col_c),
make_tuple(64, &vp9_int_pro_col_neon, &vp9_int_pro_col_c)));
......@@ -824,7 +824,7 @@ add_proto qw/void vp9_int_pro_row/, "int16_t *hbuf, uint8_t const *ref, const in
specialize qw/vp9_int_pro_row sse2 neon/;
add_proto qw/int16_t vp9_int_pro_col/, "uint8_t const *ref, const int width";
specialize qw/vp9_int_pro_col sse2/;
specialize qw/vp9_int_pro_col sse2 neon/;
add_proto qw/int vp9_vector_var/, "int16_t const *ref, int16_t const *src, const int bwl";
specialize qw/vp9_vector_var sse2/;
......@@ -100,3 +100,17 @@ void vp9_int_pro_row_neon(int16_t hbuf[16], uint8_t const *ref,
hbuf += 8;
vst1q_s16(hbuf, vreinterpretq_s16_u16(vec_sum_hi));
int16_t vp9_int_pro_col_neon(uint8_t const *ref, const int width) {
int i;
uint16x8_t vec_sum = vdupq_n_u16(0);
for (i = 0; i < width; i += 16) {
const uint8x16_t vec_row = vld1q_u8(ref);
vec_sum = vaddw_u8(vec_sum, vget_low_u8(vec_row));
vec_sum = vaddw_u8(vec_sum, vget_high_u8(vec_row));
ref += 16;
return horizontal_add_u16x8(vec_sum);
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