Commit 1c4c5d2e authored by Johann's avatar Johann Committed by Johann Koenig

Remove --disable-adopted-experiments option

Change-Id: Ice048df7c909ea09bcafcddc695fc30410345726
parent b2bf48d5
...@@ -17,7 +17,6 @@ if (NOT EMSCRIPTEN) ...@@ -17,7 +17,6 @@ if (NOT EMSCRIPTEN)
endif () endif ()
endif () endif ()
option(ENABLE_ADOPTED_EXPERIMENTS "Enable adopted experiments." ON)
option(ENABLE_CCACHE "Enable ccache support." OFF) option(ENABLE_CCACHE "Enable ccache support." OFF)
option(ENABLE_DISTCC "Enable distcc support." OFF) option(ENABLE_DISTCC "Enable distcc support." OFF)
option(ENABLE_DOCS "Enable documentation generation (doxygen required)." ON) option(ENABLE_DOCS "Enable documentation generation (doxygen required)." ON)
...@@ -47,24 +47,6 @@ foreach (var ${cmake_cache_vars}) ...@@ -47,24 +47,6 @@ foreach (var ${cmake_cache_vars})
endif () endif ()
endforeach () endforeach ()
# Adopted experiments get enabled by default. For debugging, make it possible to
# to turn them all off with a single option.
get_cmake_property(cmake_cache_vars CACHE_VARIABLES)
foreach (var ${cmake_cache_vars})
get_property(var_helpstring CACHE ${var} PROPERTY HELPSTRING)
if ("${var_helpstring}" STREQUAL "AV1 experiment flag.")
if ("${var}" MATCHES "CONFIG_TMV")
# TMV are required for configure compatibility.
else ()
set(${var} 0)
endif ()
endif ()
endforeach ()
endif ()
# Detect target CPU. # Detect target CPU.
...@@ -430,7 +430,6 @@ CMDLINE_SELECT=" ...@@ -430,7 +430,6 @@ CMDLINE_SELECT="
symbolrate symbolrate
lowbitdepth lowbitdepth
experimental experimental
colorspace_headers colorspace_headers
" "
...@@ -477,48 +476,45 @@ post_process_cmdline() { ...@@ -477,48 +476,45 @@ post_process_cmdline() {
enabled ${c} && enable_feature ${c##*_}s enabled ${c} && enable_feature ${c##*_}s
done done
# Enable adopted experiments by default # Adopted
soft_enable adopted_experiments soft_enable ext_intra
if enabled adopted_experiments; then soft_enable intra_edge
soft_enable ext_intra soft_enable mv_compress
soft_enable intra_edge soft_enable dual_filter
soft_enable mv_compress soft_enable aom_qm
soft_enable dual_filter soft_enable dist_8x8
soft_enable aom_qm soft_enable loop_restoration
soft_enable dist_8x8 soft_enable ext_partition
soft_enable loop_restoration soft_enable ext_partition_types
soft_enable ext_partition
soft_enable ext_partition_types # Provisional adopted
soft_enable reference_buffer
# Provisional adopted soft_enable loopfiltering_across_tiles
soft_enable reference_buffer soft_enable palette_throughput
soft_enable loopfiltering_across_tiles soft_enable tempmv_signaling
soft_enable palette_throughput soft_enable ext_comp_refs
soft_enable tempmv_signaling soft_enable ext_delta_q
soft_enable ext_comp_refs soft_enable parallel_deblocking
soft_enable ext_delta_q soft_enable obu
soft_enable parallel_deblocking soft_enable loopfilter_level
soft_enable obu soft_enable cfl
soft_enable loopfilter_level soft_enable deblock_13tap
soft_enable cfl soft_enable max_tile
soft_enable deblock_13tap soft_enable frame_marker
soft_enable max_tile soft_enable kf_ctx
soft_enable frame_marker soft_enable striped_loop_restoration
soft_enable kf_ctx soft_enable ext_intra_mod
soft_enable striped_loop_restoration soft_enable frame_size
soft_enable ext_intra_mod soft_enable segment_globalmv
soft_enable frame_size soft_enable short_filter
soft_enable segment_globalmv soft_enable simplify_tx_mode
soft_enable short_filter soft_enable tx64x64
soft_enable simplify_tx_mode soft_enable rect_tx_ext
soft_enable tx64x64 soft_enable rect_tx_ext_intra
soft_enable rect_tx_ext soft_enable filter_intra
soft_enable rect_tx_ext_intra soft_enable ext_skip
soft_enable filter_intra soft_enable ext_warped_motion
soft_enable ext_skip soft_enable horzonly_frame_superres
soft_enable ext_warped_motion
soft_enable horzonly_frame_superres
# Enable low-bitdepth pixel pipeline by default # Enable low-bitdepth pixel pipeline by default
soft_enable lowbitdepth soft_enable lowbitdepth
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