Commit 1d7db728 authored by Thomas Davies's avatar Thomas Davies

Use default CDF tables when initialising mode probs.

No change in BDR.

Change-Id: I77551120a2e94dcbf818b039154495f0f9b21755
parent e6862004
This diff is collapsed.
......@@ -375,9 +375,10 @@ extern const aom_prob av1_kf_y_mode_prob[INTRA_MODES][INTRA_MODES]
// CDF version of 'av1_kf_y_mode_prob'.
extern aom_cdf_prob av1_kf_y_mode_cdf[INTRA_MODES][INTRA_MODES]
extern const aom_cdf_prob av1_kf_y_mode_cdf[INTRA_MODES][INTRA_MODES]
extern const aom_prob av1_default_palette_y_mode_prob[PALETTE_BLOCK_SIZES]
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