Commit 1ec7981c authored by Johann's avatar Johann
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remove unused definition

asm_offsets contains some definitions which are no longer used. this
was one of them. v6 build works now

Change-Id: If370cfa8acd145de4fead2d9a11b048fccc090df
parent 9c7a0090
......@@ -51,7 +51,6 @@ DEFINE(mb_dst_y_stride, offsetof(MACROBLOCKD, dst.y_stri
DEFINE(mb_dst_y_buffer, offsetof(MACROBLOCKD, dst.y_buffer));
DEFINE(mb_dst_u_buffer, offsetof(MACROBLOCKD, dst.u_buffer));
DEFINE(mb_dst_v_buffer, offsetof(MACROBLOCKD, dst.v_buffer));
DEFINE(mb_mbmi_mode, offsetof(MACROBLOCKD, mbmi.mode));
DEFINE(mb_up_available, offsetof(MACROBLOCKD, up_available));
DEFINE(mb_left_available, offsetof(MACROBLOCKD, left_available));
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