Commit 223f0489 authored by Rupert Swarbrick's avatar Rupert Swarbrick
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Fix compiler warning in bitstream.c

The write_motion_mode function only uses its "cm" parameter if it
needs to write out global motion information or distinguish between
motion_var and warped_motion. When these are disabled, you get a
compiler warning which this patch silences.

Change-Id: I64d06a150751cd72cf4b50799432f3161ee87938
parent bf828f93
......@@ -496,6 +496,13 @@ static void write_motion_mode(const AV1_COMMON *cm, MACROBLOCKD *xd,
const MODE_INFO *mi, aom_writer *w) {
const MB_MODE_INFO *mbmi = &mi->mbmi;
// The cm parameter is only used with global_motion or with
// motion_var and warped_motion. In other cases, explicitly ignore
// it to avoid a compiler warning.
MOTION_MODE last_motion_mode_allowed =
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