Commit 252453b1 authored by Tom Finegan's avatar Tom Finegan

Support C++ examples in the existing build system.

Change-Id: Ifcb52d4178cd4198d73b3a1c358211b1aff96e25
parent e1227d5f
......@@ -240,27 +240,36 @@ INTERNAL_LDFLAGS += $(addprefix -L,$(LIB_PATH))
UTILS = $(call enabled,UTILS)
EXAMPLES = $(addprefix examples/,$(call enabled,EXAMPLES))
UTIL_SRCS = $(foreach ex,$(UTILS),$($(ex:.c=).SRCS))
ALL_SRCS = $(foreach ex,$(ALL_EXAMPLES),$($(notdir $(ex:.c=)).SRCS))
UTIL_SRCS = $(foreach ex,$(UTILS),$($(ex:.c=).SRCS) $($(
ALL_SRCS = $(foreach ex, $(ALL_EXAMPLES), \
$($(notdir $(ex:.c=)).SRCS) \
$($(notdir $(
CODEC_EXTRA_LIBS=$(sort $(call enabled,CODEC_EXTRA_LIBS))
# Expand all example sources into a variable containing all sources
# for that example (not just them main one specified in UTILS/EXAMPLES)
# and add this file to the list (for MSVS workspace generation)
$(foreach ex,$(ALL_EXAMPLES),$(eval $(notdir $(ex:.c=)).SRCS += $(ex)
EXAMPLES_C = $(filter-out, $(ALL_EXAMPLES))
$(foreach ex,$(EXAMPLES_C), \
$(eval $(notdir $(ex:.c=)).SRCS += $(ex)
EXAMPLES_CXX = $(filter-out %.c, $(ALL_EXAMPLES))
$(foreach ex,$(EXAMPLES_CXX), \
$(eval $(notdir $( += $(ex)
# Create build/install dependencies for all examples. The common case
# is handled here. The MSVS case is handled below.
NOT_MSVS = $(if $(CONFIG_MSVS),,yes)
DIST-BINS-$(NOT_MSVS) += $(addprefix bin/,$(ALL_EXAMPLES:.c=$(EXE_SFX)))
DIST-BINS-$(NOT_MSVS) += $(addprefix bin/,$(EXAMPLES_C:.c=$(EXE_SFX)))
DIST-BINS-$(NOT_MSVS) += $(addprefix bin/,$($(EXE_SFX)))
INSTALL-BINS-$(NOT_MSVS) += $(addprefix bin/,$(UTILS:.c=$(EXE_SFX)))
OBJS-$(NOT_MSVS) += $(call objs,$(ALL_SRCS))
BINS-$(NOT_MSVS) += $(addprefix $(BUILD_PFX),$(ALL_EXAMPLES:.c=$(EXE_SFX)))
BINS-$(NOT_MSVS) += $(addprefix $(BUILD_PFX), \
BINS-$(NOT_MSVS) += $(addprefix $(BUILD_PFX), \
# Instantiate linker template for all examples.
CODEC_LIB=$(if $(CONFIG_DEBUG_LIBS),aom_g,aom)
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